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Vendor Centers

From a single page to a micro-site, vendor centers provides clients with a prominent space to present new services or solutions. Content presentation is only limited by the width of each site's layout. The content itself can consist of video, articles or white papers, audio, webcasts or even managed Content Development by My Media. [ please click any of the below logos for examples ]

Content Development

Clients team up with our expert editorial to create stellar engaging IT content. Each piece can be hosted by My Media or on a site of the client's choosing. Clients maintain finally ownership of the commission content. [ please click any of the below links for examples ]

Demonstrating Cloud ROI to the CFO
The CFOs Perspective on the ROI of IT
Overcoming Resistance to Business Collaboration Tools
In the Cloud is IT Commoditization a Natural Progression?
Tablets and Smartphones Enhance Business Communications
Cloud Computing, Data Analytics Top 2012 Priorities for Businesses
BlackBerry Balance: Work and Play on the Same Smartphone








Cloud Investments Grow in 2012 But Are CIOs Leading the Charge?
IT Managers Embrace the Consumerization of IT



Interview: Intel's Ajay Chndramouly on Xeon E5-2600 Processor Advantages in Big Data

The Impact of Mobility on the SMB Workforce


Eliminating Sensitive Paper Trails







Lead Generation

Now more than ever clients are looking for solid customer leads. Simply acknowledging a brand is not enough. My Media offers a lead generation program to bring technology companies closer to their prospective clients, as well as reaching repeat clients who may not be aware of new services and solutions. [ please click any of the below logos for examples ]

Home Page Roadblocks and Online Media

My Media offers a wide array of banner advertising which includes, Home Page Roadblocks to build brand awareness, targeted placements for a more interest focused audience such as Cloud Computing or Mobile, and Run Of Site for a more broader audience coverage. We utilize IAB guidelines to ensure best performance and a high level of quality control.

Unit sizes we offer:
728x90 (leaderboad), 160x600 (wide skyscraper), 300x250 (box), 300x600 (half page), 300x100 (3:1 Rectangle), and 970x250 (billboard)
[ Click to view IAB Guidelines - See Universal Ad Package (UAP) for specifications ]


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